Ke'Bryan Hayes - Future All Star 3B

Ke'Bryan Hayes was drafted by the Pirates back in 2015 in the first round. At the time, he was noted as, "an advanced high school hitter who doesn't try too much at the plate". This doesn't sound like the resounding feedback that a first round pick would normally have. His first two years saw injuries take some developmental time away from him, but in 2017, Hayes bounced back. He won the first of his three consecutive MiLB Gold Gloves at third, and was named to the Futures game in 2018. His minor league stats were slightly above average at the plate, (462 career games, 202 RBIs, .745 OPS), but hit this shortened season as a impactful veteran.

Called up with 24 games left to play, Hayes was the lightning that the Pirates lineup needed. Hayes even pushed to grab Rookie of the Year, and I'm sure he would have won it if not for the lack of playing time. Hayes' slash line was .376/.442/.682/1.124 with five homers, eleven RBIs, and even two intentional walks. He ranks the 15th best prospect in the Majors right now and the best Bucco in the Minor Leagues.

Hayes just missed being a qualified player in the majors last year due to lack of innings and plate appearances, so instead of percentiles, you'll see ranks and actual stats. As always, green is above average, black is average, and blue is below average


Outs Above Average (OAA) T4 among all 3B

Defensive Runs Saved (DRS): 4

Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR): .5

Perhaps Hayes' best attribute is his fielding. Fangraphs has his current value at 60, with a potential for 70 which would put him into Arenado/Chapman territory. It should come as no surprise given his 198 innings at 3B this year that Hayes has the talent to make the incredible plays. Here's a great example from the Minors last year:

Saving four runs in a third of the innings as the players around Hayes on the leaderboard is no small feat. His arm grades out well at a 60 to couple with that 70 future value fielding. If it weren't