Luis Robert - The Real Deal?

Rated the third best prospect in the game, and the White Sox best prospect, Luis Robert had a ton of hype surrounding him. Noted to be the best prospect out of Cuba since Yoan Moncada, now his teammate, Robert carried many similarities of Moncada over with him. Bat speed, raw power, and speed are Robert's three greatest tools coming in to the league. Even though this season was shortened, the White Sox called him up after three years in the minors. Between rookie ball up to AAA, Robert hit 35 homers, stole 63 bases, and carried a career OPS of .932. It was no shock to anyone that Robert immediately succeeded. For the month of August, Robert hit .298 with nine homers and had an OPS of 1.015. He captured a Gold Glove and is surely on his way to Rookie of the Year. In one of our recent breaks, we were discussing if Robert will be the real deal. Granted, I'm working with a once in a lifetime shortened season's worth of data, but you can still pull enough information thanks to the wonders of Statcast and Fangraphs. For a color code reference, green is good, black is neutral, and blue is bad. Let's check this out:


Outs Above Average (OAA) 99th percentile

Outfielder Jump (OJ) 70th percentile

Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) 8

Arm Strength (ARM) -2.9

Robert makes up for his below average arm strength with his incredible ability to chase down well hit balls. For reference, check out the fielding graph below. I compared Luis Robert (left) to Starling Marte (right). I used Marte as an example here because he is regarded as an above average center fielder.

What pops out most to me is the zone that Robert covers compared to Marte. The red zone factors in each players range plus their sprint speed. It's obvious Robert covers more ground. Also, check out the horizontal difference of the hard red line between the two. This couples in with the sprint speed, but shows you that a majority of the balls that Robert/Marte catches are inside of that zone. As you can see, Robert covers more ground consistently. Looking at the advanced statistics, this chart backs up what the numbers spit out. Having 8 DRS, puts Robert third this past year b