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Manny Machado: Forgotten Favorites

I've been having a hard time coming up with cool stuff to post, so whenever I get stuck, I'm just going to refer to my Manny collection. After recently re-organizing everything, I saw a lot of cards that I forgot about and felt really cool after seeing again. I've put together a box of just favorites so hopefully I don't forget these again. Here are some of highlights.

Yes, that's a Beverly Hills 90210 Throwback. I have some cool Manny Dominican Relics, but this 88 Throwback is probably my favorite Machado DR card. Beam Team, Yes. Sparkly Bowman Throwback, Yes.

Weird experience going through someone else's cards and finding a Manny Superfractor. That clearly came home with me. Color Match 87 Chrome, that was one of my first favorites.

Most of my favorite parallels are from Stadium Club. Here's 2. The Gold Minted Refractor and the Black & White. It's got an orange foil that I love and is unnumbered but out of /17. Gold Winner Topps reminds me collecting as a kid. Those were easy choices.

Masterpiece. Topps Embossed inspired Relic. Hand Numbered. Impossible to display, so I've been forgetting this card for years.

Topps Finest RC Auto Orange Refractor 33/99

I wanted to end it with my favorite Manny card, which I realized I just can't pic so I picked this one.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more Manny's from my collection, more posts and more general updates. Thursday will be the next break with a Multi Sport Mixer. Marked down lots of Baseball Singles. 25% off Non Baseball Singles.


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