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PC Diving

It's always fun to pull out a PC box if you haven't looked at in awhile. Seeing all the cards you've decided to save, but hadn't thought about in awhile is a great time. I went through a couple of my baseball boxes and here were some that I really stuck out for me.

Starting with a couple of Hall of Famer Relics. That era of Fleer Ultra is one of my favorites ever. Look how those jersey pieces pop on the Reggie!

Always thought the Jackie Robinson UCLA Football card was a sweet addition. Don't have much info on the Sadaharu Oh card but thought it was cool adding the Japanese Home Run King.

Always like adding players who get a card during their stint as a "rental". There's a couple nice Uncle Larry cards out there, here's one of my favorites. Plus a Tebow bat relic!

Always forget about the Topps TBT series. Here are my favorite (and only?) non-Manny TBTs in my collection.

My best card show find ever. The seller had it in a dime box. When I told him it was worth way more than that and he should price it out in the display case, he said he was cool with me having it for a dime. He also had Bryce Harper Chrome RC's in the $2 box. At a time when they were worth well more than that.

Each year I visit Cooperstown, and each year I try to get a nice Hall of Famer piece for my collection. This Tony Gwynn Auto was my main purchase a few years ago.

Thanks for checking out some of PC cards - Stay Tuned for more!


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