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Random Mannys + New Break

New Break set for Wednesday Night! We'll revisit that combo of 2023 Bowman and 2022 Bowman Draft Lite. This was a quick and cheap break that delivered quite a bit out of 2 boxes. A great way to chase of some of the current draft picks and prospects.

Don't forget our break tonight! Bowman's Best 1-box Serial Number Break!

Over the past couple days, I've been using to generate a random number between 1-1515 (number of different Machados in my collection). I'll go to the Manny Spreadsheet that I keep and find that number, then pull the card and any related cards to what was selected. Here's a look at the first 5 Random Mannys selected...

2019 Archives Snapshots Black & White

2016 Triple Threads "rainbow"

2019 Topps Fire Gold Rush

2013 Allen & Ginter Base & Mini RC

2016 Topps Gold Label Class 1, 2, and 3

Wanna browse some singles? Added a few yesterday with more coming soon!

Thanks everyone. For everything. Really. I mean it! - Aaron B


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