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Saturday Card Huntin' w/ New Singles Video

As many of you heard me talk about, trips to Buffalo are how I get most my singles for the site. This past Saturday, I made a trip up to see a couple of my favorite places and see what was available. These trips usually consist of adding cool (cheap) things for my PC and trying to find the best stuff for that site at the best price.

I always try to have a strategy of what to look for, and for this trip, I was looking to add a lot of stuff in the $5-10 range. Big cards are fun to buy, but they take up so much more money to keep around and I never seem come out ahead on bigger cards. Plus it's always more fun to buy a lot of things and go through again later!

So I wanted to show what it looks like when I come back from day of card huntin'. We'll start with this work of art. For under $5, I'll buy any cool Starting Lineup figure like this. This was sealed but I always rip them open.

Here was some cheap and fun cards I added to my PC from Saturday. Don't think I paid more than $5 for any of these. That's always the best kind of day. Was disappointed I didn't see any Mannys! The silver prizm Bo Jackson is really hot in person. MJ Die Cut - Yes Please. Barry Sanders with a hologram, a perfect card in my opinion. Would be a PSA 10 just on principle. Bothered by the Giddy not being lined up in the case? Me too. Me too.

Here's all the singles for the day! Then I'll go through and get them in cleaner sleeves and then organize from there. I have been enjoying buying more football and basketball lately. Wanna see what's available? CLICK HERE to watch the latest SINGLES VIDEO that contains all of these cards. A great chance to purchase stuff before it hits the site.

There were some Logofractors and Archives in this stack, and I added those to the site last night since they were newer and I wanted to keep up trying to add 5-10 singles per day.

These hunting trips have now started to include grabbing vinyl. Whether it's grabbing something cheap for my collection, or finding something to post on The Vinyl Swap. Here's the newest additions after visiting a cool little shop. I'll be keeping the Soundtracks but I think Mac Miller and Sublime are headed to the site.

After returning from a day of card huntin', I actually had a nice mailday to come home to. Special Thanks To Stephen K, Stephen B, and Adrian M for the new Mannys! This makes 1390 different Machados in the collection and 29th auto.

And more vinyl in the mail too! Thanks to Ryan K for this sweet White Stripes XX version of White Blood Cells. Very cool demos and live versions of the album.

That's it for this time. Thanks for reading or watching the video, let me know if there is anything you're interested in. More to come! - Aaron B


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