Schedule Announcement

Hello Everyone, I wanted to pass along the news to everyone that starting Monday, May 23th, I'll start doing daily breaks M-F at 8est. I think it will be a good schedule that gives everyone a chance at their teams. These breaks will be smaller breaks to keep prices as low as possible. Here are the details for everything starting on Monday.

  • Breaks will be released each day, Monday-Friday at Noon EST and will break that same day at 8est.

  • Once Break is posted, I'll update on the blog (Notifications can be set for Blog Posts), and social media. I have accounts on REDDIT - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK

  • Breaks will be smaller to keep things less risky and so we can check out more products, and maybe try out more sports. There will still Mini and Super Mixers from time to time.

  • If there is a delay and no break for that night, I'll post on the blog to keep everyone posted.

  • Not expecting much change in shipping and turnaround times.

  • With the smaller breaks, I did remove the $15 reward coupon. $10 credit's are still there. I'll reassess after a couple weeks of doing this set up and may be able to bring back the $15.

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything major to address, but it should be pretty straight forward. We'll start things off with a 2-box Pick-Your-Team Break on Monday. Break will go up at noon est! Feel free to contact me with questions or break suggestions. Thanks everyone! AB