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Sortin' on a Sunday

Hopefully everyone is having a good weekend! I spent the day with my PC and some new arrivals and found some really cool stuff. Not anything of serious value, but just really fun things that are easy to appreciate as a collector...

They were shifting on Ted Williams in 1946. So weird at the time, they made a baseball card about it...

This is from the PC and not available, but you if want to grab one on eBay, click here.

Records have become a new hobby of mine. There are a lot of similarities to collecting cards (numbering and parallels/variations). Check out this Jose Canseco Talking Baseball Card which perfectly combines the two. Plays on a normal record player which I thought was pretty cool. The rare square record.

This is the set that I got it from. I'm currently adding my own cards to the mini binder. Cool little project.

Turns out, Talking Baseball Cards seemed to be a bigger thing than I remember.

Gypsy Queen Glassworks seem to come up a lot still in our breaks. I'm fully aware it's because I keep bringing them up. But I found these in a stack and got to remember how nice they are. Easy to scratch but perfect to displaying a PC. The Manny one has some scratches but I still love it. They come in parallels too. The Manny is now on display.

The Harper is available if anyone wants it, just cover shipping and it's yours. But here are some Glassworks on eBay if want to check them out. Click here to check out Red Refractor Parallels

Speaking of Manny, a deal over 3 months in the making. Simply because they were sitting in my PO Box, which I never check. Funny part, I walk by my PO Box everyday and I never stop as I rarely get stuff there. Nice surprise! These 3 made 1377 unique Mannys in the collection. Thank you Zach G for the deal!

Moving away from baseball, I found some cool NFL stuff around today. Before Panini Stickers, there were Sunoco Stamps. There were from 1972 and you could get two options for albums to save your stamps in. These ones were mostly defective packs that I had saved. But the stamps are still in good shape.

There isn't any stars really remaining, but if you just want a sample pack, let me know and I'll send one your way. If you want to open your own, you can find them sealed on eBay relatively cheap.

Moving away from sports in general, these Marvel cards were packed away and I think it's finally time to do something with them. Might be some good candidates for grading (not these ones in particular), but they are really cool and more collectible now than ever.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you may be interested and I check to see what I have. 1994 Marvel Masterpieces is a really nice product and was always my favorite. The set also features cool inserts and parallels.

That was my Sunday and I thought it was a great one. I'm also working on condensing and reorganizing my PC. Which also means I'm finding a lot of stuff that I'll be parting with. Stay tuned for a new singles video and stuff added to the site. I'm enjoying doing these types of posts and just talking cards. It's a nice change of pace from the current market. Thanks for reading!

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25 juil. 2022

That Williams Shift card is so cool. Will definitely be picking one of those up!

The Card Swap
The Card Swap
25 juil. 2022
En réponse à

Saw it at a card show and had to have it!

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