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Stadium Club Highlights

2022 Stadium Club has been very fun for us so far. After 1 case, we saw lots of amazing hits. Here's the highlights from the series of 5 Stadium Club Breaks. Thanks everyone for joining! Stadium is always one of my favorite sets and this years' has been hot so far...

First was a 2-box random break. First Pack. Bobby Witt Jr Redemption. Followed up with J-Rod Variation and Chipper Jones Chrome Auto! Amazing Start

Break #2 was our first 3-Box PYT Break. It did not disappoint as we got another nice Bobby Witt Jr with the Instavision. A Vlad Jr Auto. Buxton Chrome Auto and our first Beam Team.

Ended night one with an amazing box topper auto of Salvador Perez and a Wander Franco Design Variation RC.

Kicked off Night 2 with another PYT which gave us more fire. We saw our second Instavision, this time, Wander! An Eloy auto along with another nice Witt in black foil.

Ended Night 2 with an Aaron Judge Members Only, case hit? Witt Jr in Chrome and J-Rod in Black Foil.

What a great couple of nights of break!

Posting it Sunday at Noon Est

Thanks everyone for joining!


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