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The News Swap #6: Lots of Breaks, Giveaway, and Videos

What's coming up:

- TONIGHT @ 8est - Live Show 'n Swap

- Monday Mini Mixer featuring more Triple Threads

- Chrome Update & Bowman Draft Release This Week

- Giveaway!

- New YouTube Singles Videos


Come back for frequent visits, should always be something for you to check out. Plus I'll make updates at the top for anyone checking days after posting.



Join me live Tonight at 8est while I recap all new singles that are available and will be the next singles to hit the site. Lots of stuff to check out and it's all sorted and ready to go. I'll also go through a dollar bin of singles. Lots of this stuff I can toss in to your break cards. It's not stuff good enough for the site, but I think there's stuff people will think is cool. Should be a fun night with lots to chat about!



Saved up some Maildays from the week and opened them live. Get a peak at the next batch of singles available. Plus a special shipment from Robert that was a total surprise. Thanks so much, sir!



Congrats to Derick M on winning the next News Swap Giveaway! Check the randomizing video here

Check below for this week's GIVEAWAY!



BREAKING MONDAY! Another look at some Triple Threads mixed with some Heritage High Number and Stadium Club.


Chrome Update Hobby Boxes will be here Wednesday!


Bowman Draft is also set to arrive on Wednesday. We'll check out a jumbo box and see how we do!


Found some cool stuff while browsing Instagram this past week and thought you'd appreciate the stats, too. Maddux and Gwynn stats are usually my favorite. The Aaron Nola one just made me laugh!

Oh, how did that sweatshirt get in there...


Please join our Discord for more baseball chat, card chat, and daily discussions!


New Selections and New Website!


Lots of nice stuff out there right now that I may not have at the moment. Here's some stuff to check for on eBay. Images take you to current eBay listings.

Triple Threads singles are hitting the Bay! Check out some cool Auto/Relics available


Rookie Parallels are always a fun chase from Triple Threads.


Brock Purdy is making a name for himself as 49ers QB. Not many Rookie Cards of him right now, but here is some Panini Instant cards of his.


Heritage High Number Hot Boxes hold a special place in my heart...


A nice checklist of variations from Heritage High Number as well.

Oh look, a Machado.


One more favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing singles and stuff. Please book mark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't charge anything extra for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


A great resource if you don't already have it saved. Blowout Card Release Calendar!


Channel Surfing on YouTube. Here's some stuff I caught on YouTube that you might like.

Saw this piece of trivia last week and thought it was pretty cool.


Here's his son hitting 3 homers in 4 innings.


Wanted to find this game to show you all, and was elated to find that Jomboy has done a video on it!


Here's some stuff that's heading to my PC boxes. I'm sure it's all been shown in videos but it gives me more time with them before they are box-bound.

- Some highlights to point out. My first Manny Jersey Number Serial Numbered Card - Thanks Jeremy D!

- Robert S came through with some 2022 Manny's I didn't have yet. New total is #1427 Different Mannys. Thank you, very nice surprise!

- Dominique Wilkins Plate Auto

- J-Rod Factory Set Variation

- Vince Carter Topps RC

- My First Billy Ripken FF

- Largent 1985 Sticker


Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

  • No

  • No

  • Yes

  • It's a Baseball Movie



For a chance to win a sealed Topps Holiday Mega Box...

Comment below with, What's your favorite Baseball Movie?

Major League or Field of Dreams for me. I tend to lean towards Field of Dreams because it was a favorite movie of mine when I was younger. I was a bit older before I got a true appreciation of Major League.

I'll randomize everyone that comments an answer before the next News Swap issue. The winner will receive a free Topps Holiday Mega Box


That's it for this week's News Swap! Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to support the newsletter, website, and channel!

- AB


I'll jump in here. Another vote for Sandlot. Will always remind me of being young, trying to gather enough guys to go to local school and playing baseball all day.

But I'll always watch Moneyball, Field of Dreams, Major League, A League of their Own, and The Natural when I run across them


Sandlot edges out Field of Dreams for me. My hot take is that Major League 2 was better than the original.


Brandyn Fauble
Brandyn Fauble

This is a tough one for sure, I hadn't realized how many great baseball movies they're are. I'll go with sandlot, but next week it could be major league or the natural lol.


J Hol
J Hol

People in the know understand my bias toward the Major League movies but excluding those my all time fav is probably Mr. Baseball.

It probably speaks a lot more to my age when I saw it than anything but I loved the movie. Seeing the Japanese baseball league represented really spoke to me at an age when I was trying to digest all the baseball I could and I was fascinated by any league that was not directly MLB.

Combine that with the best mustache to ever live being in the movie (fight me), the baseball being shown being pretty good and Selleck being a baseball nut; it just felt like he actually wanted to be in the movie rather…


Thomas Lacombe
Thomas Lacombe

This is a tough one, although I do enjoy Moneyball as my favorite serious baseball movie, I think my favorite as a fan of comedy would have to be The Benchwarmers. Now I'm going to have to go watch both again lol

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