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Monthly Break Subscriptions

Key Details
  • One Break Per Week - Products will be similar to the range of products I break now (Stadium Club, Finest, Chrome, Topps Jumbo, etc. I will throw in lower end stuff at times and follow that up with something high end so we hit a little bit of everything. *** Please note - higher end products may not deliver to each team

  • Pricing Range - Teams will range from $25-60. 

  • Price Changes - Teams change, for the better and the worse. Due to this, prices go up and down. Here are some guidelines to price changes: 

  1. Prices will not change mid 3-month commitment

  2. If prices change, it will not be more than $5 per commitment

  3. Prior to Topps Series 1 2019 is released, all teams/pricing will be reassessed 

  • Free Shipping - No extra shipping charges will be included in the cost, however, breaks will be sent out in one shipment at the end of the month of breaks. If something good comes in, and you'd like to have it shipped right away, this will be available for the $3 shipping that it costs. 

  • Most breaks will occur on the same night each week, if there is a scheduling conflict, I will contact everyone and let them know which night it'll break instead.

  • Opting Out - Opt out at any time. I just ask for a week or two notice so I can try and find someone to take the spot. Thanks for your understanding

  • Giveaways - Exclusive giveaways for subscription members only

  • Feedback - I will always be looking for feedback on items to break. I will do more polls on the site to find out what you guys want to see opened. 

Pay One Monthly Fee for your team, and be entered into 1 Break per week
3-Month Subscription Commitment 
Free Shipping - After all Breaks for the month - Immediate shipping available for $3