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My name is Aaron, and I have loved baseball cards since the first pack of 1987 Topps I bought at the grocery store. From then, I went out and collected all the Mets I could, and then became a huge Bash Brothers fan. My first PC was Jose Canseco and still have my whole collection as a kid. Since then, I have left the hobby at times, but since i started my super PC of Manny Machado, I have never been more into collecting.


Another project of mine is collecting flagship Topps and putting together a binder of the years highlights so that when my daughter is old enough, I can teach her about the history of baseball. I started with 2015, her birth year. It's been a fun project and I hope she likes it and is a way to nudge her into collecting with me, as I did with my dad.

My goal with The Card Swap is create the best "virtual card shop" experience by offering singles, group breaks, blog posts, site chat and online trade nights. Affordability will be my main goal when it comes to items in the store. This will be a very casual community for the collectors that appreciate all things collecting. Look for sales and coupon codes for even better deals.  

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