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About The Card Swap

The site started in 2018 offering Baseball Breaks and Singles. It's now 2023, and we are still going! With over 1,000 breaks completed and thousands of singles sold, I'm looking to make 2023 the best year for the site!

Baseball continues to be the focus of the site, but you will find some Non-Baseball singles available and the occasional NFL, NBA, or WWE Break. The breaks are done on my YouTube Channel, along with other card videos. 

Flat rate of shipping for singles is $4 with FREE SHIPPING if you spend over $25 on singles. All cards are shipped in a bubble mailer with USPS First Class Tracking.

For frequent breakers, take advantage of our BREAK POINT system to earn $10 break credits. Just click the gray icon on the page to get set up and to redeem!

I write up a newsletter called The News Swap with break info, news on singles, card news, a giveaway, and lots of other fun stuff to check out.

The best way to stay up on news and information is by subscribing to the blog with notifications on.

If you ever have any issues with an order, please contact me directly at for quick attention to the issues. I'll do my best to fix anything I can. 

I post a lot of updates on social media as well, feel free to follow along there...


I've been collecting since I was a kid in the 80's when I started collecting Jose Canseco. Currently I super-collect Manny Machado and am approaching 1450 different Machado cards in the collection. I've been doing some videos on YouTube where I show the collection in more depth. I also collect Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Josh Allen. 

Thanks for checking out the site and please reach out below if you have any questions or feedback!

- Aaron B

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