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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How does shipping work for singles? Breaks?

A - Shipping is easy to figure out. If it's an order of "singles", those ship flat for $4. Break orders have the shipping included. FREE SHIPPING over $25.

Q - Do you ship the Canada?

A - Yes, Everything will be a flat rate of $4

Q - How does a "break" work?

A - A break is where unopened boxes of cards are opened up and each team is sold individually. Any card that is opened during that break goes to the person that purchased that team. All cards will ship. The break is done live from YouTube

Q - In a break, do all cards ship?

A - Yes. Unless otherwise specified. We do offer No Base breaks every so often. 

Q - Where can I watch the live stream? previous breaks?

A - Everything can be found on the YouTube Channel

Q - Can visitors make offers?

A - Of course, I will mostly accept any reasonable offers and will work with you if you are looking at multiple items. How to send me an offer - EMAIL ME 

Q - Do you accept returns?

A - Returns are only accepted for shop credit and the customer is responsible for shipping costs to ship returned item back to The Card Swap, as well as any shipping cost for new items.

Q - What happens if the wrong cards/teams are shipped?

A - Please contact me via EMAIL to notify me. A return label will be issued to have the incorrect items returned to The Card Swap. Correct items will be sent or full refund will be issued if items are not located. I haven't done this yet, but it sounds like something I would do :-)

Q - What are BREAK POINTS 

A - For every team that you purchase in a break, you get a BREAK POINT. Once you hit TEN (10) BREAK POINTS, a coupon code for TEN Dollars will be issued for you to spend toward future breaks. I will also issue BREAK POINTS to customers if they have a bad break.  

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