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Break 1000 Highlights

Still in shock at how fast this break filled! Thank you everyone for joining. This was a special one for me, so that meant a lot!

We went live at 6est with 13 boxes with 30 hits and 10 bonuses! Here's the highlights, and there's a lot...

Jordan Lawler Pro Debut Chrome Auto Red Refractor /10

Jorge Posado Archives Auto /10

Mark McGwire Ginter Framed Mini Auto

Goldy All Star Patch /25

Wander Modern Artists Green Parallel /250

Traditions SSP

Marcus Stroman SP Image Variation

George Valera Red Pro Debut /10

Gabriel Arias Pro Debut Orange Wave /25

O'Neil Cruz Rainbow Foil and Gold Foil Rookie Debut

Jeremy Pena Gallery Private Issue /250

Bryan De La Cruz Cosmic Blue Moon Refractor /99

Thanks again for joining the break and more importantly, for getting The Card Swap to 1000 breaks! Here's to 1000 more...AB


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