Grade the Break - 2018 Stadium Club #2

Stadium Club - Round 2: My experience with Stadium Club has been very up and down. In our second 3-box break of SC, I had some higher expectations. The first break was fun, but the quality of cards we were getting wasn't great. I had a some good luck with some retail SC, so I was hoping that these boxes would give some good results, and/or my luck has changed...for everybody's sake! After opening more SC since it's release, the PROS and CONS haven't changed much but I did make some additions.


* Photography and types of images used are unlike any other card out there

* Top Rookies - Ohtani, Albies, Mejia, Hays, Verdugo, Robles, Hoskins, and Rosario

* Nice Inserts: Beam Team, Never Compromise, Power Zone, and Special Forces

* 2 Autos Promised - on-card autos, lots of rookies

* Lot's of Old-Timers

* Variations are tougher to get

* Good Value for the price point

* Stadium Club Chrome Parallels


* Variations are tougher to get (yes, this is a pro and a con)

* Lack of #'d cards (could be exclusive to our break)

* Too many teams that didn't have autos in the set

* Player and Team Names can be tough to read

* High gloss card, allows for easy damaging/scratching