Grade the Break - 2018 Stadium Club #2

Stadium Club - Round 2: My experience with Stadium Club has been very up and down. In our second 3-box break of SC, I had some higher expectations. The first break was fun, but the quality of cards we were getting wasn't great. I had a some good luck with some retail SC, so I was hoping that these boxes would give some good results, and/or my luck has changed...for everybody's sake! After opening more SC since it's release, the PROS and CONS haven't changed much but I did make some additions.


* Photography and types of images used are unlike any other card out there

* Top Rookies - Ohtani, Albies, Mejia, Hays, Verdugo, Robles, Hoskins, and Rosario

* Nice Inserts: Beam Team, Never Compromise, Power Zone, and Special Forces

* 2 Autos Promised - on-card autos, lots of rookies

* Lot's of Old-Timers

* Variations are tougher to get

* Good Value for the price point

* Stadium Club Chrome Parallels


* Variations are tougher to get (yes, this is a pro and a con)

* Lack of #'d cards (could be exclusive to our break)

* Too many teams that didn't have autos in the set

* Player and Team Names can be tough to read

* High gloss card, allows for easy damaging/scratching

* Collation was/is/always will be a major issue when opening Topps products.

This break had a lot of highlights, and a few lowlights (is that a word? sounds like a bad insert set). Of all of my breaks, I do believe we hit the nicest card in this break. See below. Our other autos were quite good and we did get a Rainbow Foilboard /25. Still no variations (unless I missed them) yet but again, it's not the worse thing if they make these harder to get. I have opened 6 hobby boxes, 2 blaster, and 12 retail rack packs. I still have not opened the Ohtani base rookie (or the Manny Machado base). My luck opening Ohtani has been awful, except for our Diamond Kings break where they pretty much put an Ohtani in every pack. I am not even a huge follower of his, but now it's quest that I need to conquer.

Our Best Card

Jose Altuve Beam Team Auto /15 - This card is beautiful! Beam Team is my favorite insert set of the year so far, and to pull this monster was awesome.

Our Other Autos

Alex Mejia RC Auto - NN

Victor Caratini RC Auto - NN

AJ Minter RC Auto - NN

Other Autos Included: Miguel Gomez and Jimmie Sherfy - both RC Autos

Some Rookie Highlights

The Ohtani Insert was a great pull! Love the Beam Team RC. A black foil RC and a red foil RC

More Highlights

A beautiful card here. Albert Pujols Rainbow Foilboard /25. The pc doesn't do this card justice.