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Grade the Break - 2018 Topps Inception

I have opened a lot of cards in my day, but this was a first for me. This would be the first Inception products I would open. I was excited to look at a new product, especially one that so many people are enjoying right now. I have never been a fan of buying the higher end products that give less than 10 cards per box. Never fully understood the 1 card box, but hey, it works for them. Doing these products in a breaking format works really well. For this break, there would be 14 cards, so 14 slots were sold so everyone was guaranteed a card. A slot was $12 and 2/20. We did a random break format for this one. After all of the cards were opened, I put them into and then did the same with the people that bought slots. We rolled the dice, randomized that many times, I then matched up the randomized lists and that's how we matched them. The next Inception break will be draft style. I am excited to try that one and compared the two styles.


* Beautiful Card Design - it's what Inception is known for

* Low Numbered Relic/Patch Cards

* Sharp Parallels

* Affordable chance at nice cards - when broken up into a break


* A "box" that contains 7 cards.

* No Inserts/Variations

* Sticker Autos - just any sticker autos in this set feels weird

* Hard to match value for price per "box"

We got some really nice cards in this break! Looking at a card-by-card pricing with the random aspect, I think we did really well. If you look as the cards overall and value of the box I am not sure the break would have held up very well.

Our Best Card

Andrew Stevenson 3/10 RC Patch Auto - Look at that patch!

Our Other Auto

Another nice patch piece - Zach Granite - Twins /299

Numbered and Parallels

We also received Jose Ramirez Purple /150, Miguel Gomez Green

Base Rookies

Other Base cards included Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts, Jose Ramirez, Tyler Mahle RC, Tzu-Wei Lin RC (that was missing the foil overlay - looked like a mistake)



Two things carried this break: The sick Nationals patch on the Stevenson and the Albies RC. Hard to believe a base card would be so good to get in this set, but that Albies is sweet, and went to a Braves fan who got it in the randomizing. The Nick Williams /150 RC and the Sisco RC Green Parallel were some nice gets as well but getting the Albies rookie tops those.

Thanks to everyone that joined the break! Hope everyone had fun with the randomizing. Lots more breaks coming up. The First Bowman Platinum break is gonna be posted later today. There is another Inception break with 6 spots remaining. The Third Stadium Break is coming on weds and still has some of the popular teams still available. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in joining a future break.

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