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A Message from JaySwan

First off, I would like to thank Aaron for welcoming me into The Card Swap family. I think we will be able to do some cool things. As he said in the recent email blast, I got back into the hobby in May/June of this year. I started out buying a couple boxes here and there, and then I discovered online case breaks. The rest, they say, is history. I am a huge fan of pretty much anything sports-related so sports cards are a natural thing for me to be interested in. I still work full time but I am edging closer to semi-retirement so I figured I would take this hobby I love and morph it into something where I can still enjoy the hobby elements and maybe make a few bucks here and there, a classic win/win. So with all that said, I wanted to cover a few recent developments that we are happy to bring to the The Card Swap Community!

Boxes for Sale

Right now we have 4 different hobby boxes (2018 Topps Chrome, 2018 Bowman Chrome, 2018 Bowman Chrome HTA Choice and 2018 Heritage High Number). That is only the beginning. In the coming weeks/months, we plan to post products like 2018 Contenders Draft Picks Baseball, 2018 Topps Archives and products from other major sports. More on that in a bit.

Our pricing will always be competitive. We know money doesn't grow on trees so we want to offer a good value for our customers. If you find better prices elsewhere, please let us know!

It's Not Just Baseball Anymore

Baseball has always been, and still remains, the focus of The Card Swap. However, there are plenty of other sports with fun products to explore. The main two, obviously, are football and basketball. There are several products coming out in November/December and we will try to obtain some boxes for many of them that we can sell or break with you. In the near future, we plan to have available for sale/ break the following products:

2018 Prizm Football

2018 Immaculate Football

2018 Flawless Collegiate Football

2017-18 Flawless Basketball

The above products are just what I know I will be able to get right now. I am constantly working on obtaining other products as well so that list will hopefully grow by quite a bit. You may notice that some of the products above are pretty high-end. That leads me to the next section......

Breaks are Movin' On Up

If you get that reference, then you are old like me. Aaron and I are excited to start offering breaks of high-end products. As mentioned in the recent email blast, he is going to put a 2018 National Treasures Baseball Half-Case Random Card break for sale on the site. I have the boxes in my house and I am dying to break them. With higher-end products comes a higher price tag for breaks, obviously. If the higher price tag is not to your liking, don't worry. We still plan to offer many lower priced options. However, for those that want to play with the higher priced products, we will have offerings that fit your needs as well.

Skunk Protection

With customers paying higher prices for spots in breaks, it is always a concern that you spend a good amount of cash on some spots and get next to nothing in return. I have probably done too many breaks since I returned to the hobby so I know that feeling all too well. Hopefully everyone that participates in breaks understands that as a risk, so there are no hard feelings when you don't hit cards that you like. Sometimes you will do great, sometimes you will do terrible. From personal experience, I have experienced the highs and lows. I once bought into a mega-football break covering like 40 or 50 boxes spanning different years. It was quite a bit per spot and I bought 4 spots. I was feeling lucky. I may have received $25 in cards. On the flip side, I once bought into a random spot mega baseball break and drew the Angels. During the course of the break, I obtained a Shohei Ohtani auto numbered to 50 from Bowman and a Mike Trout 1/1 bat barrel card from Topps Tier One. Those two results in those two breaks are pretty much polar opposites but that's part of the game. It's always a gamble.

All that rambling leads me to this statement - we take skunk protection seriously. We don't want you feeling like you got next to nothing, or nothing, for your money especially if you bought into a higher-priced break. I have bought into breaks with "skunk protection" only to receive one pack of Topps Series 1 for a $100 spot that I got skunked on. I can't say exactly what you will get when you skunk out on a spot, but it will be a lot better than that. We want you to be at least somewhat happy with every purchase so we will make sure to provide you with at least some value when you spend a good amount.

That's about enough of my blathering. Thanks again to Aaron for this opportunity. If you have any questions for me, you can always contact me at or feel free to contact Aaron (especially for anything negative).

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