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Break Recap - Gold Label 5-Box Break - 10/26/18

One of my favorite sets is out...Gold Label! Was a solid set last year, especially at the value. Up till now, Gold Label as only been my mixer breaks. This time I wanted to open a bunch of it and see how it went it. We cracked 5 boxes and got some really nice stuff! There is a second GL only break planned as well. My favorite thing about the Gold Label is the gold framed autos. We got 4 of those and a redemption. We also opened a relic out of Gold Label, which I have never seen before. There were some nice rookies and parallels. Another thing to look for in Gold Label is the different "classes". There is Class 1, 2, and 3. Three being the more rare. All version have their own parallels. Lets check out the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

I am already looking forward to the next break of Gold Label. Will also feature in future mixers because it's normally a lot of fun to see what comes from it. The Strawberry was a great pull and the Dodgers won big in this break. If more teams would have more love I'd say this was an A but I'd say we pulled some really sharp cards.



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