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Break Recap - Chronicles Division Break - 10/30/18

We had another first at the Card Swap...we did out first division break! This was with 2 boxes of Panini Chronicles baseball. A major reason I chose this format with Chronicles was due to how lopsided the team distribution was for Chronicles. This did not help the break down. The AL Central and the NL west were still very light and I plan to hook those guys up. The AL East and NL East were absolutely packed.

If you aren't familiar with Chronicles, it features 15 different subsets made by Panini. It was unexpectedly a lot of fun this year. Last years release was very boring but this year was packed with fun cards to get.

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

Some really nice hits for the Yankees in these two boxes. The numbered we got were really good too, those includes Acuna, Albies, Stanton etc. I keep getting Chronicles requests, I would love to do more. I just want to find the right the format/value for everyone so that so many people aren't getting skunked. It's a really fun product and it would be nice to share the fun with the other teams. The AL Central didn't get much all but were saved but the nice Delmonico hit.

Thanks to everyone that entered. There is another Division break posted. Topps and Bowman High Tek, I am hoping for a better distribution.



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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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