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Break Recap - Highlights of 2 NFL Breaks

Hello all! Again, I am behind on Break Recaps, so I am going to a recap of NFL breaks and separate recap for the MLB highlights. There were 2 NFL breaks this past week. I am liking the football breaks more and more. Plus it's getting to watch the league more. It's been a fun way to spend the MLB off-season!

Our first NFL this week was apart of Cyber Weekend promotion. We broke two boxes of Prizm on Monday evening and had a blast. A few nice hits made it for a fun break. Only disappointing thing was two of our "autos" were Panini Points cards. I like to have the auto in the box!

The second break was a "mini-mixer" that featured a box of Phoenix and a box of Luminance. Another solid break! Phoenix is one of my favorite products of the year, any sport!

Take a look at the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

These breaks didn't have a ton of boxes but they were loaded with nice stuff!

Break 1 - Prizm - PYT - This was a part of our Cyber Weekend promotion which included a giveway. The giveway was the Chris Doleman Auto from Absolute. Prizm hit big with a beautiful Ridley auto. Other nice autos included a Courtland Sutton and Isaiah Oliver. Each box featured a point card instead of a 3rd auto, disappointing. I'm hopeful the breakers that rec'd the points will find something nice for themselves!

Break 2 - Mini Mixer (Phoenix and Luminance) - I wanted to put an inexpensive break up with some nice products and these two were perfect for that. Phoenix continues to deliver for us. The best card from either break came from Phoenix. Nick Chubb Rookie Patch Auto (RPA), what a beauty! congrats! Phoenix also gave us a really nice Josh Allen relic and Ito Smith RPA. Both breaks delivered really nice Falcons hits! There was a lot of numbered cards that came from this break as well.

Overall, the grade of these as whole was very good, Had we gotten autos instead of points, I think it would have been an easy A.

A lot of fun stuff came out of these four boxes. There is another NFL Mixer up, the next one we will be getting Unparalleled back in the mix. I think a mixer of Phoenix, Unparalleled, and Absolute could be a really fun break. stay tuned!




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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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