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Break Recap - Topps Tribute

Last night we ripped into a box of 2018 Topps Tribute. Tribute is a hobby only release with every box guaranteeing three on card autos and three relics. Each box has eighteen cards total, and everyone in this break was guaranteed a card. We actually ended up getting nineteen cards out of this box. Let's check out what we pulled!

The cards in this set are really appealing. They have a nicely textured wood-like frame and a smooth looking finish to them that really pops in person. For base cards from the set, we pulled the following: Duke Snider(Brooklyn Dodgers), Manny Machado(Baltimore Orioles), Willie Stargell(Pittsburgh Pirates), Nelson Cruz(Seattle Mariners), Aaron Judge(New York Yankees), Steven Souza Jr.(Tampa Bay Rays), Jonathan Schoop(Baltimore Orioles), Mariano Rivera(New York Yankees), Nolan Arenado(Colorado Rockies), Jimmie Foxx(Philadelphia Athletics), and Carlton Fisk(Boston Red Sox).

For parallels we ended up with a Honus Wagner green parallel out of 99 and a green rookie parallel of Alex Verdugo out of 99. The colors on these look really good in conjunction with the base design.

For relics, we pulled a triple relic of Edgar Renteria numbered out of 150, a dual Mike Piazza and Yoenis Cespedes relic out of 150, and a Mike Trout Stamp of Approval relic out of 150. The Renteria relic has a nice pinstripe patch. Our second time in two days pulling a Piazza relic!

Finally, for autos we pulled a Clint Frazier out of 199, a purple Ryan Braun out of 50, and a Omar Vizquel out of 99. The on card autos in this set look really bold, and the colors on the cards really help them pop.

Check out our pulls here:

Topps Tribute is a really well designed set. The base cards are truly good looking and incredibly appealing. We pulled some solid relics and decent autos out of this box. It's similar in many ways to Triple Threads, but the base cards in this set are nicer, and there are more hits per box in this than in that set. Overall, a quality break to look at some well done cards.



Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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