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Break Recap - 2018 Super Mixer #5

We ran a five box mixer on Friday night! Some of the top Topps products of last year were featured in this one. Here's a box by box breakdown of what we pulled out of five boxes with 21 hits overall:

2018 Topps Chrome Jumbo: Chrome in 2018 has given us a lot of good stuff, many top rookies and autos. In this box we pulled four on card autos and one redemption. The autos were: a purple refractor auto of Miguel Gomez for the Giants /250, a Lucas Sims refractor auto for the Braves /499, a base J.D. Davis auto for the Astros, and a base Giovanny Gallegos auto for the Yankees. The redemption was for a Rafael Devers auto for the Red Sox. Other notable cards included a Jose Berrios(Twins) purple refractor /299, a green Aaron Altherr(Phillies) refractor /99, a Tyler Wade(Yankees) negative refractor, and a Shohei Ohtani(Angels) prism refractor. A nice box of Chrome to start the mixer off.

2018 Bowman Hi Tek: Bowman Hi Tek was a nice break in 2018 as well, with a lot of prospect autos per box. Autos here were Jesus Sanchez(Rays), Shane Baz(Pirates), Michel Baez(Padres), and Colton Welker(Rockies). The Welker was a blue diffractor out of 75. We also pulled a purple refractor of Jesus Sanchez /191 for the Rays. The Hi Tek design on prospects is nice looking. It appears that Topps won't be bringing back Bowman Hi Tek in 2019, which is unfortunate.

2018 Bowman's Best: Bowman's Best has four autos per box, highlighting some of the notable rookies of 2018 along with lots of prospects. In this box we found autos from Brandon Marsh(Angels), Jordyn Adams(Angels), Riley Adams(Blue Jays), and Triston Casas(Red Sox). Other cards included a Cody Bellinger purple refractor out of 250 for the Dodgers and a gold Rhys Hoskins Best Performers out of 50 for the Phillies.

2018 Topps Hi Tek: Hi Tek has forty cards in each box, with two on card autos. Cards have unique designs for National League and American League teams, with four patterns among those designs. Our autos here were both for the A's: a base auto of Jose Canseco and a Matt Olson orange diffractor auto /25. Some of the numbered cards pulled were a green refractor of Clayton Kershaw /99, a black diffractor of Paul Goldschmidt /50, a green diffractor of Gary Sanchez /99, a blue diffractor of Didi Gregorius /150, and a red base parallel of Andy Pettite /10. A nice box, especially for the A's and the Yankees.

2018 Topps Tribute: Topps Tribute features six hits per box, with three relics and three autos. Autos pulled were Sean Newcomb for the Braves /199, Clint Frazier for the Yankees /199, and a Lewis Brinson blue parallel /150 for the Brewers. The blue on the Brinson auto looks really great and helps the auto really stand out. For relics, we pulled a triple pinstripe relic of Gary Sanchez for the Yankees /150, an Ichiro stamp of approval relic for the Marlins /140, and a dual relic of Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances for the Yankees /150. Topps Tribute is a really beautifully designed set, the base cards are well designed and very appealing.

Check out our pulls below:

This was a nice mixer. No massive hits in the autos, but a good mix overall. Our first time pulling a Canseco auto. A lot of hits for the Yankees in this one. Topps Tribute is a really nice looking set that we haven't ripped a lot of, and all the products here were some of the best of 2018.



Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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