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Break Recap - 2019 Bowman

2019 Bowman was released this past week. To start we did 2 PYT breaks. 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. Each break was 1 box of Jumbo HTA and 1 box of Hobby. This break would feature 4 autos. We were also looking for the refractors, parallels, and shimmers. This product also features beautiful chrome inserts.

As the last years of the products, it is broken down into the base set which features stars and rookies. There is also a base prospect paper set and a chrome prospect set. The set is loaded and each pack can be a little different.

The clean set is also complimented but a good list of rookies, prospects and 1st Bowman Cards. The highlights are below. Including the most recent editions to the Hall of Hits! Joey Bart strikes again!

In addition the beautiful Joey Bart Autos, we also pulled the following...

- Bryce Harper Sky Blue SSP /499

- Genesis Cabrera Speckle 1st Auto /99

- Dustin May Top100 Auto /50

- Jordyn Adams UA Factory Auto /199

- Dom Thompson Williams Refractor Auto /499

- Jesus Sanchez Blue Refractor /150

- Hunter Greene Aqua Refractor /125

- Nick Senzel Blue Shimmer /150

- Norlan Gorman Sky Blue /499

- Lyon Richardson Aqua Shimmer /125

- Noelvi Marte Sky Blue 1st /499

- Travis Swaggerty Refractor /499

Lots of new breaks being added - See what's we have coming up here!

Added a NEW PAGE - Check out the Weekly Deals Page

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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