Decks By The Decade - 1960's Part One

1960 Topps: .

You cannot talk about the Red Sox or Giants without mentioning these two players who debuted in 1960; Willie McCovey and Carl Yastrzemski.

Willie McCovey debuted in 1959 with the San Francisco Giants and captured the rookie of the year honors. At the time of his retirement, McCovey was #2 on the HR list behind Babe Ruth, ending his career with 521 HR. Stretch won MVP in 1969 while hitting 45 HR, 126 RBI, with a batting average of .320 and an OPS of 1.108. Because of his gargantuan power, the body of water outside of the park was nicknamed McCovey Cove because he would frequently hit the ball so far it would land in the water.

Before even playing a game, Topps whipped out Carl Yastrzemski's card in 1960. His career started in 1961 and quickly won All Star and Gold Glove accolades two years later. Throughout his career, Yaz won three batting titles, one MVP, 18 All Star selections, and held the last Triple Crown title from 1967 until Miggy broke through in 2012. His grandson, Mike plays for the Giants and is an integral part of their lineup.