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2022 Gypsy Queen Variation Info

The Variation Quick Guide has been updated with 2022 Gypsy Queen so you know what to look for while sorting your GQ.

Variations Include City Connect, Jackie Robinson Day, and Field of Dreams. All of these can be tough to spot but do have a different code to verify. The City Connect jerseys are quite easy to spot.

The Jackie Robinson Day Variations seem to be the toughest to spot as you pretty much have to look for the uniform number on the photo and it's not always shown so you have to look for the patch on the jersey.

This Yaz has the patch to search for. This one could easily get skipped. Watch the codes.

Field of Dreams are easier to spot with the White Sox than the Yankees because of the jerseys, but the main clue is the background of these ones.

Parallels include Missing Name Plate, Missing Back Plate, and Team Logo Swap. These have the same codes as the base cards so they needed to be found by searching for the details. Missing Name and Back plates are pretty obvious. The Team Logo Swap shows the team logo instead of initials on the front, bottom, right of the card.


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