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2022 Series 2 Variations

Series 2 released and we had a few surprises upon release. It was discovered that the missing rookies everyone looking for had Short Print Variations. This included Torkelson, Witt, and J-Rod. Very nice addition to the set, if they weren't going to be included in the base set. Still seem to be differing reports on odds for how variations are hitting but there's a lot to look for. I urge you to check out the full gallery of the variations because there are some really great photos to collect.

Lots of things to look for!

Legend Short Prints and Super Short Prints

Star Rookie Super Short Prints

Ultra Short Prints of Mascot Variations

Advanced Stats /300

Warm up and Non Baseball Activities Photos

Players on their new teams i.e. Cutch, Janson, Correa

In addition to the cards pictured on the graphic above, here were some other sweet ones any collector would like to add to their PC.


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