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90's Retro Break + 2023 Mixer Highlights

This will be a first for us! A Retro break featuring 5 different products the 1990's. This was a great era of collecting and there are still lots of stuff go back and collect.

The full lineup will include: Boxes of 92 Upper Deck Minor League, 93 Leaf Studio & 95 Topps Dimension III. Plus I'll add some packs from 94 Fleer Flair and 99 Pacific Aurora.

I opened the seal on the products and slid out one pack to make sure nothing would be bricked. Seems like everything will be good. The Dimension pack did seemed stuck, but they came apart after pressing the sides. More like a current Stadium Club Pack. Seems like everything should be good to go and fun break for us to start the week with...

Here's some highlights from our Friday Night Mini Mixer that featured four different 2023 products!

Thank you! Stay Tuned for some 2023 Donruss Breaks this week as well - AB


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