Advanced Stats with Pat - Vol. 5

It's been a hot minute since I blessed your eyes with nerd stats. I've yet to touch on Sweet Spot Percentage and Spin Rate, so here's a breakdown of both in this installment of:

Sweet Spot Percentage (SwSp%)

Sweet Spot Percentage is defined as “A batted ball event that produces a launch angle between 8 and 32 degrees”. These degrees produce the most amount of hits. Now you may be asking, “what’s the point of Barrel percentage if this is the same thing?”. Well, it’s not at all. Barrel percentage measures batted balls in play that have an expected batting average of .500 or more. Nested in Sweet Spot percentage are all of the recorded Barrels, but not the opposite. For example, the prime launch angle and exit velocity for a barrel is 95mph+ at 20 degrees. What about a double to the outfield gap that barely clears 8 degree launch angle? That’s not a barrel but does fall under the sweet spot percentage.

Sweet Spot percentage is important because this measurement can lead you to a batters effectiveness to put the bat on the ball. On the flip side, you can see how pitchers are delivering their pitches and see where their giving up the most contact.