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*** still waiting for the team checklist to be updated before the break gets posted, but here's the info so far. Should be a fun and cheap break! ***


2022 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball is kind of like a low-key trip to an art gallery. Only, it’s baseball cards, not paintings and sculptures. And you’re going to be collecting at home, in the shop or in a break room most likely versus the quiet introspection of a museum-like setting.

But like most any collection of art, the set has many things to say and showcase with a variety of styles and lots of color.

2022 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball Checklist Overview

Over the years, Diamond Kings has carved out a place for being a showcase of every era of the game. That doesn’t change here, with past, present and future stars included on the checklist. This includes the base set, which has veterans, legends and rookies. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ON BECKETT.COM


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