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Bowman Highlights + Mega Mixer Details

Thanks everyone that joined me for this run of 2023 Bowman Jumbo Box Breaks. Lots of nice cards going out today! Here's a look at the highlights from all 5 breaks. Followed by the details for the next Mega Mixer! That's set for Sunday and should be a fun one!

First box. First pack? Maybe Second. But we hit the the auto that we would be trying to top for the rest of the breaks. Setting the bar high was this Druw Jones Speckle 1st Auto!

Night #2 started with another banger!

And the night ended with a massive break for the Dodgers with some other nice parallels.

Thanks again for joining me for Bowman. Next up? We are ending April with another MEGA MIXER!

See you Sunday! - Aaron B

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Thomas Lacombe
Thomas Lacombe
Apr 28, 2023

When you look at it via highlights Bowman was really solid, seems like if you hit a Jones its going to be pretty good lol!

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