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Chrome Highlights!

Thanks everyone for joining for 4 breaks last night as we checked out a half case of 2022 Topps Chrome Jumbo Boxes. 5 autos per box and some nice color in each box. We didn't have any SP luck but hopefully we see something soon. The new inserts are really sharp and they show up a lot in the jumbo boxes. In typical Chrome fashion, we saw a lot of print lines and roller marks from the factory. The jumbo boxes are pretty packed but I'd expect prices to fall a bit.

Here are the highlights from Night 2! We saw our first Chrome relic of Home Run Leader Aaron Judge. Also got our first Variation of Rookie Jaren Duran!

Our 2 box Jumbo break did not disappoint! Scoring a nice color match Cal Raleigh RC Auto and a Wander New Classics Green Refractor to go with a base refractor of his!

Our Next 2 box Jumbo break gave us a nice pair of Kowar Numbered Autos and Orange Refractor Relic of Gallo. I'll be curious to see if we get a base relic from case #2. Sharp O'neil Cruz Rookie Refractor.

A couple of nice pitching vet autos out of our last 2 box break of Chrome Jumbo. Lots of color as well. Still looking for that J-Rod auto!


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