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New Breaks! Capstone + Create-A-Mixer

Hello Everyone! Had two breaks ready to go so I thought I'd just post them. Schedule is subject to change based on arrival and filling but Thur/Fri should be a good plan.

Our First look at Panini Capstone! Saw some cool hits coming out of this, and for the price, it's worth a shot!

Proud to present our first Create-A-Mixer! Set for Friday, this was based on a poll that we ran for you guys to pick the lineup for the next mixer. I made one change, subbed in Bowman Platinum for the Stadium Club. I have an extra in stock and it allowed me to keep the price a bit lower. This was a lot of fun and we'll do it again soon!

Thanks everyone! Have you entered the giveaway yet for a box of Bowman Platinum?


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