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Scavenger Hunt #2 Submissions

Thanks everyone for submitting for the recent Scavenger Hunt! Stay tuned for Episode 6 of The Swap Cast to see who wins the box of Chrome Platinum. We had more submissions this time and we'll do again soon!

Welp, needed to go find that Rocket Man card for myself. Check out all of the Monsters of The Gridiron set on eBay. This is a great set!

Nolan Ryan looks so normal on that horse.

"....the woooooooooooorst"

That Griffey is as iconic as a rookie card in my opinion.

Lots of cool cards in those. Yoda. Charlie Brown. Jurassic Express and a glamour shot!

The first of 2 Keith Comstock cards. Not even the card of his that we all know. Weird that he has two famous junk wax errors too.

That Moss/Brady card is just cool and after seeing that Miggy for years, took me way too long to figure out that wasn't him. Ooops.

The other Keith Comstock

That Kyle Kendrick Card is just amazing!

My submission, poor quality for some reason.

It's not too late to submit! Post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or reply to this blog (make sure to sign the post so I know who submitted) to be added to the giveaway.

I haven't been feeling great this week and sound terrible so I haven't recorded anything for Episode 6 of The Swap Cast. Hopefully Friday I'll start putting that together and will do the giveaway for that and with the results of Card Battle 2.

Next up for a break, we'll see you Friday for our next Mini Mixer. I've got two fun bonus surprises for the break too!

Thanks everyone! AB

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Sep 01, 2023

I wonder why they screwd Comstock's cards up so bad. And then there's the one where he's getting hit with a ball in the nuts... it's just

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