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The Trade Deadline - PC Revision Time

This past trade deadline was one to remember. Multiple impact players such as Max Scherzer, Joey Gallo, and Craig Kimbrel were all moved this past week. The hobby is always hopping around this time too, with collectors favorite players being moved away or to their PC teams. Using myself as an example, Joey Gallo being traded to the Yankees is a blessing and a curse. While I'm sitting on a ton of his cards already, adding to the PC while he's on perhaps the most known American sports team, will cost me a bit.

I found there was a new extension called SlabWatch that supposedly reveals the "best offer" price on eBay for sold listings. While I don't have recent "best offer" sales, I would try it out on yours to see if it actually works. Using this tool, I dug into each impact players highest, most recent sold card.