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TheCardSwap News and Updates

Hello Everyone - I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend! I spent a couple of fun days in Cooperstown, but I'm back and we'll get back to breaks starting Tuesday. It'll either be a GQ/Bowman Combo or a 2-Box Bowman. That will get posted Tuesday at noon and will break Tuesday night.

In case you missed it, Project 70 cards are all $10 and updated the Variation Quick Guide with Gypsy Queen. Some tips for when you're searching through your GQ.

Picked up lots of new singles on my trip and will probably do a singles video this week prior to posting them to the site. Some really big stuff coming in this week as well. Going to be a lot of cool stuff for you to check out. This is a few of the highlights that are available and coming to the site soon!

Cooperstown gave us another great memory this weekend. Here's a picture of my daughter getting lots of attention in her uniform.

She even got to go on the field to say "Play Ball" for the Hall of Fame Classic game. The teams were managed by Ozzie Smith and Fergie Jenkins. Pretty cool day!

Have a great Memorial Day! - AB


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