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The New Swap #1: 11/14

Ginter and Cosmic set to release on Wednesday!

Getting a start on changes for 2023! One thing I'll be getting back to is the weekly emails. However, they will be a bit more expanded with more of a newsletter format. A major goal for 2023 will be to grow my channel/site a bit and a newsletter will help me keep everything in one place. Stay tuned for more info as I figure out exactly how I want to do things. I'm currently in the over-thinking phase. Which means, this may look different next week. Monday will be the goal and I think a perfect day to post.

To get started, Please Sign Up Here make sure I have you're email address to get the newsletter sent to you. If you've rec'd emails from me in the past, no need to sign up. Unless you have a different email you want me to have.

Send over a referral to sign up and I'll send ya both a team lot! There is a spot on the sign up for a referral, if someone puts your name in that field, I'll reach out to the both of you and touch base about what to send.

Click here to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I'll be making update posts there too. I feel weird asking, but would it be cool to possibly ask you to considering turn on notifications :-) The channel is going to more product reviews, PC videos, games, and contests. Should be fun!

Thanks for reading ahead, if you don't get through it all, please come back and see if there's anything else fun for you to check out.


Singles videos will be a little different now. In future videos, I'll go through the lots of stuff I buy live, rather than having them sorted and ready to sell. It'll be a fun way for me to show you what I look for as I'm out hunting. I'll let you know how much I spent on the lot. Price tags will be left on and you'll get an idea for how I purchase.

Want me to look for something for you? Never know what I'll find and I'll be happy to keep an eye out for you. Personal Shopping can be added to my resume!

Keep in my mind, prices you see in the video are not what I paid, nor what you would pay. I'll get more comfortable with the format but thought this was a good start. There's even a sweet graphic.


New Release News! Two new Baseball releases set to to arrive this week. 2022 Chrome Cosmic and Allen & Ginter will be here WEDNESDAY! No checklists as of now you can get a good idea of what to expect.

2 cases of Allen & Ginter are on order, but we'll take it on Cosmic until we get a better idea of how it rips for us. Limited autos but the refractors could make up for it. It's a first time product and will be fun to check it out regardless.

Only Break set for now is a random team break of Allen & Ginter. Use code RANDOM for 2/$25. Once checklists show up, I'll get some Pick-Your-Team Breaks up for both products.


Wanna join our Holiday Gift Exchange? Sign up Here!


The Vinyl Swap has been off to a good start. Ryan has been adding lots of new titles to the record shop quite often. Here's some of my favorites that recently have made the site!

Don't forget code SWAP4LIFE for 20% off your first order at


RECLAIM CARDS: Found this account on Instagram and I had to share some of his work. Yes, the Josh Allen Frame was the one that caught my eye but his custom cards are very smooth looking. I'll be placing my first order for a custom card this week. All the info you'll need is on his website and the FAQ's have tons of info. Give them a follow and check out his stuff. I love finding unique accounts and companies out there.

The Jersey Case Frame idea is brilliant. It makes a jersey frame look like a Auto Patch card. Really smart and I have to narrow my ideas down because I won't be able to afford to them all.



No Code Needed


Need some other YouTube videos to watch? Here's a few that I don't think anyone should miss!

Jomboy does it again! This is a great look at the umpire that called a perfect game in the World Series!


Here's a great clip that I watch regularly. It was when the Padres announcers were still getting used to seeing Manny play defense.


Can't embed these ones (thanks NFL), but I highly recommend giving them a watch...

My favorite revenge play of all time. If you like 80's football, you'll appreciate it.

The play when I knew Josh Allen was gonna be the guy I was gonna collect.


Here's some stuff I'm searching on eBay. I usually try and add one or two cool major rookies for my PC. This is the one I'm eyeing for J-Rod.

Click image to check current eBay listings


I can't get enough of these 1998 Metal Universe Hardball Galaxy Inserts. The checklist is packed: Bonds, Ripken, Jeter, A-Rod, Deion Sanders and more!


Next up on my Manny Machado PC want list: LogoFractor Gold /50!


Silver Packs are always fun, lots of good rookies in the Update release. Silver Packs means Refractors!


One more favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing singles and stuff. Please book mark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't change anything for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


Want to sell some cards? Shoot me an email and we can try and strike a deal! Always looking for baseball autos, relics, numbered cards, and rookies. Been bringing in more NFL and NBA stuff as well. I'll be interested in looking at anything!


If you're sorting through Update, don't forget to look for Variations! Here's want to look for. Cardboard Connection has a great full gallery. Click Here for the full 2022 Quick Guide.

Search eBay for...


Highlights from recent Bowman and NFL Mixers!


If anyone is interested in helping grow the channel and site, I'm sure I've got something for you for to do! Would love to expand The Swap Team and really grow this thing.

Please like - subscribe - follow - share - upvote if you ever notice my social media posts. It will really help get the word out. It's greatly appreciated. Once things get into a good flow, I'll be doing giveaways and contests too. If there is someone that wants to help coordinate those things, let me know!

Thanks everyone for all the support over the years! It's been a fun ride as we approach 1000 breaks! Looking forward to doing more with the channel and site. One thing I haven't looked into much yet is how to use the Fanatics Affiliate Program. It seems that's more for jerseys and merch type stuff. Which would be a cool addition to the site. If that's something you'd be interested in working on that, we could...

Sorry for the wordy entry, this was helpful for me to get everything laid out. Less Lip and More Rip Next Week!

- AB



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