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The News Swap #7 - 1/1 Update - New Singles & More


Don't forget to check the filters by team and card type

Lots of Lots Posted - Yup, I did that


I'll be getting next weeks breaks scheduled, but I don't think I'll be breaking anything until Thursday.

Right now the plan seems to be more Optic and Bowman Draft. I'll have those posted Monday at noon est.


Welcome Lloyd to The Card Swap Team! He's going create and moderate a sub-reddit for The Card Swap! Apparently, I don't know anything about Reddit anymore and Lloyd is going to make it fresh with updates and card stuff. Hopefully get some more eyes on the site and more ways too participate.


Still in a holding pattern as we await the arrival of products for part #2, here's what we saw in night #1.

It's been a long, annoying story, but I'm looking forward to Tuesday for round 2.


- Weekly Giveaway

- Favorite Inserts of 2022


Hoping everyone had a great holiday season so far!

Wanted to show off a few cool gifts that I received. Nick A got me this sweet Card Swap coffee mug. My sister-in-law got me some "Friends" coffee to go in it! Phil A sent me the Manny Holiday SP. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Share below any good gifts that you gave or received! Pics if ya got 'em.


Check out my latest PC Video showing off my 2022 Manny Machados! I go through some other 2022 products that I'll be adding to my PC as well.



Congrats to Tyler H on winning this week's News Swap Giveaway!

Check the MANNY PC VIDEO for randomizing and this week's Giveaway.

Read on for all the ways to enter this week's Giveaway!


Inserts are one of my favorite parts of collecting cards. Started collecting in the 80's, which gave me the chance to see inserts really take off as part of the sets. 90's Inserts are always on my list when out card hunting. It's especially cool for me when current products do throwbacks to the those 90's inserts. 2 of which have made my list of favorites.

Didn't want this to be a Top 5 list or anything, really just wanted to put my favorite inserts in one place, and didn't want to leave anything off. Even though, I'm sure I forgot some. These were the 7 that I thought of, in no particular order. (Links go to ebay listings)

- Home Field Advantage has become a fun chase for Flagship Topps. Even if they stole the concept from Panini, it works really well. Inner Card Swap Circles refer to this as "Uptown".

- Supernova came from Cosmic so it's not one we saw a lot of, but look at that design.

- Beam Team is the first throwback on the list. Let's be honest, this will always make my list. Even this year, when the design isn't the best and the rarity made them tougher to pull.

- Heart of City has a Home Field Advantage feel to it and it looks great in chrome. Despite 1/3 of the checklist not being on the team no longer.

- BlackGold is another throwback that recently Topps brought back. Has the traditional BlackGold look with some updates.

- It Came to the League is a new insert and has a really cool comic book vibe to it. I do wish this was made for rookies and not prospects.

- InstaVision is another one that will probably always make the list. Doesn't change much year to year, but always a fun pull and a great add to any PC

- HONORABLE MENTIONS - Black Jack and Launched into Orbit

What's your favorite insert from 2022? Drop a comment below and let me know what I missed!



Big plans for the The Card Swap in 2023. After hitting the 1000 break milestone, I'd really like to grow the site/channel some more. Planning on doing more YouTube content and considering doing more of a "show". Going to work on learning some video editing and see how it goes. Stay tuned for more updates.

Twitter is going be my primary social media place. I'll still post to IG, FB, and Reddit, but Twitter is going to be my go-to and will be used for promotion and card chat. Discord and FB Group will also be huge priorities as well.



Been on the site before? Never been in a break or bought singles? Looking for 5 people that I've never worked with before to check out the site and give me some feedback. Free Break or Cards for participating!

Email me at if you're interested!



I'll be looking to grow the team. I'm spread pretty thin right now and will need help if the site is going to grow. Here are some positions I'll be looking to hire for. Would be good side hustles for anyone looking to get extra money or cards.


Someone to purchase and post singles to the site.

Pay will be "per card listed"


More giveaways will be a huge part to growing the site.

This won't be a huge task, but something I don't do well with.

Pay in Free Breaks/Cards


This could be rolled into the Giveaway Position.

Pay in Free Breaks/Cards or Hourly


Are you interested in helping me produce videos for YouTube?

Hourly Pay

Shoot me an email if you're interested in working together!


Always trying to add fun cards to the PC. Especially ones that don't cost a bunch. There's plenty of great things to collect out there without spending a ton. Here are some fun additions. There's not much over a couple dollars on here which makes them even more fun.

- Juan Soto Padres Cards

- 2022 Stadium Club Favorites - That Judge card is amazing!

- 2022 Cypress Hill Allen & Ginter Base Cards - Need to see if there's some Beastie Boys ones

-Steven Adams PC

- New Allen Iverson Additions

- Johnny U - Card is just a piece of art. Mostly cuz of the buzzcut!


- Growing up through the Dream Team era, I've always been partial to Team USA Cards. I've also go a Jordan Dream Team jersey and some other Team USA stuff.

-The Jordan I've had in my collection since I opened it in 1992. Sent it in for grading and was thrilled to get a 10!

- The LeBron cost me more than $5 but not much. Maybe a $10-15 card.

- Penny Hardaway was my favorite on Dream Team 2. I had that jersey as well.


Two additions to the 2022 Variation Guide


Check the blog for all of our Chrome Update Highlights


Stuff that made me chuckle from the internet this week


Please join our Discord for more baseball chat, card chat, and daily discussions!


Use code "SWAP4LIFE" for 20% off!

Sign up at the bottom of the page to join the email list!



Do multiple items on the list, Get multiple entries




We all love finding errors on cards, well now is your chance to check for errors on this issue of The News Swap! Maybe you'll win a Holiday Mega Box from my lack of attention to detail. Comment with an errors/typos. We all know there's something I screwed up.

Can't find an error? Comment with a gift that you were most excited to give someone for Christmas!


A great resource if you don't already have it saved. Blowout Card Release Calendar!


That's it for this week's News Swap! Come back for frequent visits, should always be something for you to check out. Plus I'll make updates at the top for anyone checking days after posting.

Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to support the newsletter, website, and channel!

- AB

10 comentarios

Jeremy Dionisio
Jeremy Dionisio
02 ene 2023

I picked up a sealed wax pack of 1986 Topps for a friend, it's his birth year, so figured that'd be a cool thing to have. I have a sealed pack of 1981 Topps for myself, but currently looking to pick up a graded pack for the PC.

Me gusta

Thomas Lacombe
Thomas Lacombe
29 dic 2022

Love the news swap, been a little out of the loop lately (life gets hectic quick lol). Was super excited to gift my dad a nice pair of Nikon binoculars after he missed out on a free pair promotion from getting sick.(seems unavoidable right now to not get sick)

Me gusta
The Card Swap
The Card Swap
02 ene 2023
Contestando a

that's awesome and very thoughtful of you. Yeah seems like everyone is getting some version of sick. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Me gusta

My wife got me all kinds of card goodies but I really loved the Lauren Taylor-Bryce Harper /500 illustration she surprised me with!

Me gusta
The Card Swap
The Card Swap
29 dic 2022
Contestando a

dang that's pretty sweet! nice gift

Me gusta

Brandyn Fauble
Brandyn Fauble
29 dic 2022

My mom had a TV/VCR combo in her kitchen, which broke (she watched the thing daily while cooking/baking). I was glad to find one in brand new to give her for Christmas this year.

Me gusta
The Card Swap
The Card Swap
29 dic 2022
Contestando a

this is awesome! bet she loved that. good thinking!

Me gusta

Derick McClellan
Derick McClellan
29 dic 2022

One of the things I got my girlfriend was a red dot sight for her AR 15. Its okay guys I'm in Texas we all have ar 15s here.

Me gusta
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