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Video Sesh: Baseball - Vol 1

Anyone else get lost on YouTube and find some fun stuff after going down a rabbit hole? Thought I'd share some of the cool videos I've found during my YouTube adventures. There's plenty of videos that I'll even go back to. Also, if you're like me, you'll find a video on a player you forgot about or are just learning about and need to find a card of theirs immediately. I'll have some eBay links to anything cool that might be related, or that I bought. Share some videos and help other people waste time on YouTube - It's great way to start the day!

1 - Edwin Diaz's Entrance - Have you seen this yet? The atmosphere looks amazing and would be really fun for a playoff run.

2 - Luis Guillorme is a barbarian, in the best way possible. I know we are starting off with 2 Mets clips, but have you ever seen anything like this? I bring this play up every time we pull a Guillorme card. What get's me his how calm he is.

3 - Love a good prank? Who better to be the prankster than the great Greg Maddux. Maddux has some great one-liners in this one. This is fun all around.

4 - How about impressions? Ever see this gem? It's an old one, but never disappoints.

5 - Always enjoy when players don't take themselves too seriously, and one of my favorite players to ever embody this is Adrian Beltre. Seems like he's still playing Little League, and that's meant to be a compliment!

6 - Mo Vaughn Tackles George Bell. All the set up you need for this one.

That's all for checking out the first ever Video Sesh! I'll be working on more of these. I have a lot a of videos share! Next one may be all football stuff. Share some videos in the comments below. Would love to see what you are all watching. Thanks again! - AB


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