2018 Gypsy Queen Recap and some banter

On Monday night, we opened 3 hobby boxes of Gypsy Queen. It was really fun to open, even though our autos were pretty weak. Including getting two Garrett Cooper autos. The Gypsy Queen set this year has a slightly different look than the past GQ sets. Is it me, or is does it feel like all the GQ designs blend together? This set feels different and will stand out from some of the other stale GQ designs. They have gotten the memo. In addition to a new base card look and feel, Topps went all out in sticking with the variation craze that seems to be going on. Variations are one of my favorite things to collect, but lately these sets are going overboard with them. Some of the variations that GQ pu

The Stella Project

Surely I am not the only one that goes through ups and downs when collecting. Whether it's boredom from the hobby or financials reasons, people go and come back quite frequently. Then the itch will usually come back. For me, what made me want to start collecting again was a project that I thought of that would change collecting for me. A few days before Opening Day 2015, my daughter was born (my first child). I thought it would be really cool to put together a binder of each years Topps flagship product for her. Then when she's old instead of reading books together, I can teach her about the game in a lot of ways. Topps does a great job of incorporating the history of the game into their ins

My Manny Super PC

This was an entry I couldn't wait to write! I told myself I would save this one for when I didn't have another topic at the time. So that didn't take long. Don't be surprised if it's my longest entry. About two years ago, I was tired of buy boxes and packs and not having much luck, especially for collecting guys I like. After wasting too much money on retail and random hobby boxes, I started focusing my efforts on the one player I was searching for the most...Manny Machado. In May of 2016 I had 88 Machado cards just by buying ones I saw and base from packs. I had one or two autos and 3 relics. Then it became an actual project. I didn't buy anything unless I knew it had a chance for more Mann

Worst Break Ever - Part 1

March 1st was nerve-wrecking before the break even started. It was the biggest break that I would be running to date and to say I was nervous was an understatement. After some issues going live the night before with a giveaway, I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly, but more importantly, that everyone enjoyed themselves. This was a big deal to me because it was the first case I had purchased (the case was split into 2 breaks) and it was the first break that I ran that sold out. I wanted it to go well for everyone's sake. For 2 weeks, I promoted on Instagram and Sports Card Forum , which included a giveaway to some SCF members in exchange for banner advertising. It sold out, and

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