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My toughest challenge as a collector...

The Card Swap project has been my most real attempt at trying to make cards some sort of revenue source. Growing up I always dreamed of owning a card shop of mine. The dream is still there and maybe one day. If this site picks up steam and does well I would love to try a physical location to go with it. Over the years I have set up at a few shows here and there but never anything like this. The shows gave me a small taste of the toughest challenge for me as a collector, but now the site needs more products it has gotten a whole lot worse. WHAT DO I SELL AND WHAT DO I KEEP?!?

About four months ago I was at a show where a buyer bought out most of my collection for sale. It wasn't a huge lot but there were some nice pieces there that would have gone perfect on the site store. But since that stuff is all gone and I still want to provide some good cards and good prices at the store, it has been a nightmare to go through my collection and figure out what I should sell and keep. I am still a collector and I still want to have a nice collection to be