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Site Feedback and Giveaway Results

Thanks everyone for visiting our survey and providing your feedback for the site! I wanted to give an update of the feedback I rec'd. I want to give an update at to some things that have been done, or being worked on, to improve the site based on the feedback people gave. The time you guys spent on the site and survey is greatly appreciated.

When the majority of the surveys came in, the feedback was very positive and I feel things have only gotten better. Going into the feedback coming back, I had two main concerns with the site and both came up in the feedback. So I went to work!

The main concern that I heard was that that the store was hard to find things, or that there was no organization to the store. That was my first project. I revamped the shop completely. I added category pages with filter and sorting features. Search was added and works quite well.

On the main landing pages, i added slider galleries. This helps with a quicker load time, gives it a cleaner look and works a lot better for better mobile views. This allowed to me display more categories with a constant refreshing of the cards. On the bottom of the main Shop page, I put the links to the category pages, which can be sorted and filtered. The mobile capabilities are lacking, so even if on mobile, switch to desktop view to filter or sort. Otherwise use the search function.

Mike Trout Baseball Cards For Sale

The other thing I did to the store was add more of the player collections. Added these to it's own page so the user can see everything from the players I have the most of. That will show you all cards from that particular player. They also each have a "bargain bin" type item listed with cheaper cards listed in the drop down. I have two more players to add and then I think I'll be good on that project.

The other feedback that I heard was some clutter, especially on the home page. Home page is re-done. The look and feel should be similar, but I was able to layout it out in a more efficient way that has a better flow. I added some featured cards to home page along with links to the player collections, and the Manny Shop.

Regarding pricing, most people prefer to see the lower price and have a flat shipping cost than built in. I have gone through and re-did the shipping policy and lowered all prices in the store. Free shipping on orders over $45.

Manny Machado Baseball Cards for Sale

Just today, I finished up my "Manny Shop". My doubles from my PC are listed. I selected some to feature and then some regular singles. Then I took the "bargain bin" idea and did a bin of each year for Mannys. These are the cheaper cards, again listed in a drop down format. It was time to start to move some doubles. I've had a lot of requests to move some doubles, and I think this is the best way to do it.

Break format, people like to pick their team slightly more than random. I think my focus will be the 3 team spots format that I have doing. This is the best of both worlds and has less spots to sell. The down side is the higher price which I will be doing my best to pre-order things to get the price lower for you guys. So far, I am breaking even on the breaks and that's ok, because I like doing it and I like providing people cards.

Other Random Stuff from Feedback:

* I have started adding some gray into the site because I did hear that the site was too "orange-y". HA! Thanks AP.

* People likes singles more than breaks, I have been adding more and more singles. Breaks will probably be a "once-a-week" thing until they are easier to fill

* Blogs, Design, Navigation, and Low prices were mentioned as things liked on the site.

* People still like Facebook for cards, and we just don't have a presence there. I don't have the experience with FB to know what I am doing. Did some posts and promotions but got nothing out of it. Contact me if you want to help!

AND THE WINNER IS - A user from the Sports Card Forum won, he is a Cubs fan and used his $10 site credit that he won to purchase a spot. He and his son collect together and I am glad they will be in the break. Shameless plug - 5 spots left! Congrats Mike and Logan, can't wait to rip!

Lots of ideas that are in the works, or close to being the works, that I am excited about. I am going to try a Virtual Trade Night. I am going to find ten people to do a live stream where I will trade things off the site, and users can chat and make trades with each other. I may open some stuff for fun and give something away. But if this is something you would be interested in, please email me and we can discuss further.

Thanks for reading, hope it was too boring of an entry, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew what happened with the survey they filled out.

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