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Vacation Sale, Updates, and Banter

Vacation starts for me tonight, and I wanted to do a post with some updates and info for while I am gone.


While I am gone, I am going to run a 15% Off Sale anything in the Shop - Excludes the guest seller items. No coupon code needed. Everything eligible will be marked down 15% plus normal shipping policies.

PLEASE NOTE - I will not be able to ship until I return - Wednesday, May 9th - I am sorry for the delay, Thank you for your understanding


Did a lot to the site, and added a lot of products over the last couple days. Please take a look for the following changes and additions:

- Rookie Collections Added - Gurriel, Turner, Swanson, and Moncada

- Tweaked the home page a bit, still trying to remove clutter, while adding viewing options of more items. The home page now features a new arrivals section.

- Added more categories for easy search on the home page

- Lots added to Arenado and Harper Collections

- 2018 Bowman singles have been added to the store

- Bargain Bins are filled!

- 350+ Individual Products + Items in the bargain bins and player collection

- Info Page has been added (replacing the contact us page). This page has shipping info, stream info (embedding coming for next break), message board, contact information, and about me.

- Newman Sports Cards is a new friend to The Card Swap. We are going to be doing some collaborations together. In the meantime, he has send numerous cards for the site. See that collection here. There is a 1/1 there, just saying!

- I have started added team names to the description, this way users can search by team. Might take a bit to do the backlog, but it's on my list and have done about 30% of items so far.


Took more than I was hoping to open up an Ohtani for myself (I have pulled them in breaks for other people), Wasted a lot on retail just say I opened one. It came in the 2018 Bowman.

Also picked up this beauty for my Othani PC. A great deal on ebay that I thought may not show up after the value of the Topps Living Set went way up so fast. Was so glad the day it showed up!


After all of my opening of packs over the last few years, I have never opened up a numbered Manny Machado card. I have over 1150 total Manny cards, and of those, 182 are numbered, and of those ZERO were opened by me. Till now! 183 Numbered Mannys and now I can say I opened of those. This year in Heritage I pulled a nice nickname variation, that was pretty special too.


While I am away, I will be ordering the product for the next break. I will be planning on breaking the weekend I return. If there are any requests, please let me know. It will definitely be a PYT break. Feedback always wanted.

I think that's all I got for now. Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to visit The Card Swap!

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