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Happenings at The Card Swap

Hello everyone - So much going on right now with the site, I thought it would be a good idea to do another blog post about the recent changes, additions, and some things coming up soon! I promise to do a fun blog post soon, but I have been spending so much time upgrading the site I wanted to get all the upgrades in one place for people to see.

Don't mind this image much. It's really just there so there is a thumbnail to display on the links. Sorry for the click bait! It is however linked the that card for sale though if you are interested. This was found a box of stuff from my good friend Adam, who features stuff on the site and helps me out a lot. If you are interested in guest selling on the my site, please let me know. I am not currently taking commission in exchange for helping spread the word about the website. Two sellers recently had a few sales and things have been picking up.

The website in general has gotten a full overhaul with a cleaner and less cluttered look. Things are more sectioned off and hopefully easier to get to and browse faster. One thing I am still struggling with is the load time of the store items. I appreciate your patience, but it is a known issue and I have a few ideas on how to speed it. It just will take time. I need to shout out to my buddy Ray for his expertise and work on the new page. I woke up one morning and he had pulled an all-nighter to give me a new, sleeker, and quicker page. Thanks Ray! The big changes are The Shop page and The Bargain Bins.

2017 Bowman Platinum Break - 2 Hobby Boxes. Put together this break yesterday. Still some teams left. This is breaking Sunday night.

Live Stream - Very excited to say that I finally figured out how to host the live stream right from my website. If you go to the "stream" page in the menu it will take to a page that hosts my channel and live stream. The channel will feature old breaks. In addition to the live stream, I also purchased a live chat service where people can interact during the break right on my page.

Trade Night - With the addition of the new chat service, I now feel that the Virtual Trade Night can be really fun. I know, I know, I have been talking about it and nothing has happened. I was just waiting for the right way to do it. The features of the chat service allow picture, video, and file sharing right in the chat. I will be doing a test of this soon and will keep everyone posted. Invites coming. No link or anything to see on this other than checking out the chat box on the stream page.

Shipping and Pricing - In case you missed the update about shipping. Singles are now $2 flat rate, and Breaks are now $3 flat rate. Applies to multiple singles and breaks. I also went through and lowered the price on several

New Products - Bought up a couple nice lots of cards to put on the store. Featuring Correa Chrome RC, Lindor Heritage Chrome High #, and Freeman High Tek Case Hit 15/15 and a lot more. Also, there is now an Ohtani Collection to check out some of the rookies I have available of his.

Variation Guide - The Variation guide was updated to feature links to Cardboard Connection and Beckett's full Variation Galleries. Bowman Chrome Mega Boxes were also added to the guide. The guide is available to download as a pdf. I will be adding Topps Finest variations as soon as all the information surfaces.

Survey - I am doing another survey to hopefully get some more feedback about what you all like and not like. The information I get back really helps me create a better experience for everyone. If you have a few moments, please take the survey and let me know what you think. It will only take a minute or two.

Facebook - Another favor to ask, if you are on Facebook, please give our page a like. It's something I have never used for business for and feel like I am missing out. Another friend, Lindsey, will be helping me spread the word on Facebook. All the likes seem to help, so I would appreciate the added likes. Thanks in advance.

Upcoming Projects

  • Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Break - 2 Boxes, That should be hitting the site this week

  • Topps Living Set - will be working with Newman Sports Cards to list these on The Card Swap! - We are also working on another project together - Stay Tuned!

  • Card Galleries will soon have an option for scroll or swipe display, based on your preference. Just figuring out the best way to do it.

  • Planning the test Trade Night. Invites will be sent out soon.

*** Here is a random site tip that I don't think a lot of people know - The logo in the header takes you to home page. The "Virtual Card Shop" image in the header takes you to our main Shop page. Also, the Orange headings are also links. Comes in handy.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about all the happenings at The Card Swap! Please let me know if you have any questions on anything. The site now has a chat feature where you can talk to me right from the site.

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