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Grade the Break - Topps Series 2 Jumbo

We had a fun group that broke the Topps Series 2 Jumbo Boxes. We opened two boxes and it did not disappoint. One thing that really stuck out in the Jumbo packs, more than Hobby packs, is how there is so many base cards that just were not exciting. Topps update as the All-Star festivity cards which allows you get more cards of big name players. Series 2 seemed to be filled with middle-relievers and utility players. Don't get me wrong, there were some good players in the base, but a lot of fluff. Still a huge let down that Torres and Acuna are SP only. It was awesome that we pulled an Acuna in the first break, but still.


* Every team is well represented with base cards and parallels

* Lots of inserts, and large insert sets. Again, each team is well presented

* Affordable

* Lots of packs

* Cool SPs, SSPs, and Legend Variations (a base card, star player is replaced by a legend, these are awesome - trust me)

* An Auto, relic, and commemorative "relic" in each box


* Torres and Acuna are Short Printed variations only

* Lots of fluff, in the lots of packs

* Limited numbered cards

* Lack of a "sharp" insert set

* Inserts are exclusive to certain products (retail, hobby, and jumbo)

Thanks to Davis, he kept track of the insert count from the 2 Jumbo Boxes. Here are the stats: on those

Gold /2018 - 10

83 Topps 35th Anniversary - 22 (Including two blue border parallels)

Topps Salute Inserts - 21

Long Ball Legends - 10

Instant Impact - 12

Rainbow Foil - 10

Negative Parallel - 2

Black Parallel /67 - 2

These two Jumbo boxes treated us well and we even had a nice surprise at the end of the second box. We didn't get any of the SP rookies, we didn't get a legend variation. We did get 3 of the basic Short Prints, though. Versus, the Hobby box break, these Jumbo boxes showed the difference of value between the two box types. Wish there was a larger selection of the inserts they offer (Legends in the Making is sharp - retail only). We did good in the hobby, better in the Jumbo! Check out our highlights:

Our Best Card

Luis Severino 35th Anniversary Auto /50

Surprise Hit!

Reds Team Card - Magenta Printing Plate - 1/1

Our Other Hits

Always a fan of getting a rookie auto!

Both of our relics were Red Sox! Devers and Bogaerts (both of relics in the last break were Rockies). Just glad there wasn't a white jersey relic.

Our Commemorative "relics"

Bryce Harper and Wil Myers - The Myers is Gold Parallel /50

Some of the other fun stuff

Our Black & White Negative Parallels

Black Parallels /67

2x Ohtani RC Base - 1 Instant Impact Ohtani RC Insert



Jumbo boxes can be very hit or miss, but for the two Jumbos we opened I think it was a great break. The Braves and Angels were at a premium in this break, but I don't think the set is as loaded with those teams like everyone expected. Will be giving some credits for those two. Hopefully the Update series will have some fun stuff in it, without overdoing it. Vintage Stock is my favorite variation, we didn't get one of those unfortunately. One of those would have given the break an A+ :-)

Thanks to everyone that joined the break! Hope everyone enjoyed it. Now it's time to sort!

If you are interested in joining a future break, we have Topps Finest (next week) and Stadium Club up for pre-sale. Let me know if you have any questions!

UPDATE: After sorting, there was one team that didn't have an insert or anything (or even a rookie) was the Royals. The only team not select. That is amazing to me.

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