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New Stuff at The Card Swap

Hello Everyone! Lots of updates and things going on at The Card Swap. Worked a lot over the past week on some cool new things for the site and thought this was a good place to share everything. T-Shirt Store

I always thought having a few T-Shirts would be a really fun idea. Going to have new "series" of 3 shirts come out every couple months. Not charging a lot for them, just think it's fun to have on the site. The first batch is ordered and will be here in 2 weeks. But pre-orders are up for the sale. There are three designs to start. Hope you guys like them! Check them out here Here is one of them that is for sale!

Refreshed my Logo

Let me know what you think! The first one came out blurry in spots, so my buddy (who is helping me with the shirts) refreshed the logo in the higher quality. I decided to put "swap" on the outside of the logo because i thought it gave the logo more of a shape to build around. Also the font used and the position is supposed to represent a jersey, team name with player number,

Player Lots

Had a lot of requests for player lots on the site. I listed 20 so far and will continue to add to this. I think the prices are very fair for the cards that you are getting. You can check Player Lots out here Bargain Bins

I didn't like how I had them set up before. The store is limited and was hard to manage so I am going to try this format out. I have embedded a spreadsheet into the page and added an "add to cart" button. Simply copy the card you want, click add to card, paste info, click add again and that's it. I do a promo, buy 5, get 2 free. Again due to the limitations on the store, I have to do it by coupon code - listed on the site. So far there are three of these ready to go $1 Bin - $1 Rookies - Hits Bin. Browse the Bargain Bins here Vote for the Next Break

On the upcoming break page, I now have a vote option for the next break. I would like to schedule something in the next day for between Stadium Club breaks and Optic/Allen & Ginter. Vote here

Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Dillon C for winning that the $10 Shop Credit Giveaway! He won our reoccurring giveaway for anyone who purchases through the website. I plan on doing these every 2 weeks during our weekly trade nights. I just forgot last night.

Missing Autos

Topps finally came through with the missing 3 autos from our 2017 Bowman Platinum break a couple weeks ago. They tried their hardest to not send us these but I kept on them. Here are the three that were sent. These will be going out right away to Tony S and Paul R. Sorry for the bad photo -

New Break to be posted very soon, would really appreciate some feedback on what you guys would like to see in between Stadium Club and Optic/Allen & Ginter. Continuing to tweak the site for best performance, it should be loading a lot faster now if you were having issues. Also prices on singles are continuing to drop. Thanks for your time, please let me know if you have any questions on anything!

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