Grade the Break - 2018 Topps Finest + BONUS

After opening the first Master Box we had a few weeks ago, it left us wanting more. And due to the Ohtani injury, these prices dipped a bit and made it possible for us to rip two boxes this time and a good price. As an added bonus, I bought a "box" of Archives Snapshots. That is one pack of 12 cards and 1 guaranteed auto. This was the first break that I sold the Orioles off. I don't think I'll do that again for awhile! haha


* Beautiful card design

* Top Rookies - Ohtani, Devers, Andujar, Mejia, Hays, Verdugo, and more. Frazier and Albies are SP

* Nice Inserts: Sitting Red, Cornerstones, Finest Careers, and Finest Firsts

* 2 Autos Promised - autos on these cards almost always look sharp

* Affordable - when broken up into a break


* Not enough packs/cards for the price

* The "glass" look of Finest, is easy to scratch and smudge

* Team distribution was skewed, some teams had nothing in these boxes

* Frazier and Albies are SP

* Value - hard to imagine these boxes ever fully paying off, as a personal break

Like the previous break, the team distribution was really uneven but that is nothing new for Topps but it's easier to see in a product like Finest without a large set. Still think that each team should have equal cards per set. But that's probably only something I started thinking of since I started breaking. As far as the quality of cards in this break, The autos were very nice! The rest of the break didn't deliver too much wow factor. We received 3 Ohtanis, one of which is a refractor, very excited to pull those as my Ohtani luck has been awful lately.