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Grade the Break - 2018 Topps Inception #2

This was the second break that we did of Inception. This had a slightly different format where we did it draft style. Every person in the break showed up live and in the chat room were able to draft cards after the break. It was really fun and I will be planning more of these very soon! The PROS and CONS didnt change much since the first break other than I feel ok adding that there is a lot of "fluff" in this set. The quality of players seems to be very low. This is based on our experience and hearing what others are saying while opening the product


* Beautiful Card Design - it's what Inception is known for

* Low Numbered Relic/Patch Cards

* Sharp Parallels

* Affordable chance at nice cards - when broken up into a break


* A "box" that contains 7 cards.

* No Inserts/Variations

* Sticker Autos - just any sticker autos in this set feels weird

* Hard to match value for price per "box"

* Lots of base fluff

This break had a different feel that the first one. There were no numbered cards other than the autos. That was a big disappoint. Like the first break, we did get a key rookie, Victor Robles. Too many Zach Granite autos. Here are the other highlights!

Our Best Card

Tim Anderson /25 Auto Throwback Relic

Our Other Auto

Zach Granite RC On-Card auto - Twins /250


We also received green parallels of Grienke and Souza Jr. Very disappointing that was no numbered parallel cards.

Base Rookies

Other Base cards included Carlos Correa, Greg Allen RC, DeGrom, Kershaw, Garrett Cooper RC, Grienke, and Felix Jorge RC



This was just weak. Aside from the cool throwback jersey in the Anderson auto/relic this was just disappointing. No numbered cards other than the autos. We did get a couple of nice base rookie cards in Robles, McMahon, and Greg Allen. The green parallels were not exciting. The draft style made the break more fun, just wish the draft had better cards to chose from.

Thanks to everyone that joined the break! Hope everyone had fun with the randomizing. Lots more breaks coming up. Stadium Club #3 break is coming up tomorrow. A few teams left including the Dodgers at the time I write this. Teams are as cheap as $3. Bowman Platinum is up as well but is selling quick. That should break later this week.

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