Stadium Club 2018 - The Card Swap Experience

On Wednesday, we did our third 2018 Stadium Club break. There were already two "Grade The Break" write-ups about the other two (First one - Second one), and aside from a future mixer, I'd say we are done with Stadium Club. A breaker had a good idea about doing the write up more about the set in general rather than the last break. The last break was slightly better than the others but still underwhelming. Between the three breaks, retail, and personal ripping, here is the final tally of what we opened: 10 Hobby Boxes, 2 Blaster Boxes, 15 Retail Rack/Fat Packs.

Stadium Club was a favorite set as a kid, and I was excited when they brought it back in 2014. Aside from 2014, the sets since then all have a very similar look and they kind of all run together. But the key here is quality of the card and the nice photos used. With the big rookies this year, variations, parallels, Beam Team, and Instavision in these packs, there was a lot of hype going into Stadium this year.

I'm sure other breakers and personal rippers had good experiences with Stadium Club this year, but that was not our experience. It pains me to say, but Stadium Club did not treat The Card Swap very well. I got lucky on some retail but that was it. The 10 hobby boxes we ripped we pretty lame in most aspects. Here are some key points to point out:

*** In all of that Stadium Club, there was NOT ONE Ohtani base Rookie Card! Let that digest. That means if I had been buying these boxes to complete a base set, I would not have one. Well done Topps. To me, this is crazy. I hear stories of people getting four in a box. or one a box. So I am not sure what happened. 8 of the boxes were purchased from the same case and the other stuff separate. We did pull a Special Forces insert in a hobby box.

*** Just in the 10 boxes, 5 of the autos were the same guys. This was the biggest disappointment out of all of the disappointments from my end. This is so frustrating, maybe not as bad on the breakers because they may only see one of them being pulled. With the checklist of RC Autos in the set, this was not a great thing. Not like the 2014 box I opened and had two Mookie Betts RC Autos in it. The five autos we rec'd two of were AJ Minter, Velera, Caratini, Alex Mejia, and Miguel Gomez. Just wish there was more variety for everyone.

***In those 10 boxes, we rec'd one Gold Minted Parallel, and One InstaVision. I received a Gold Minted and a InstaVision in back to back retail rack packs. This seemed weird to me.