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Grade the Break - 2018 Bowman Platinum #1

Bowman Platinum hit Wal-Mart shelves last week and we broke our first two boxes on Saturday night. Bowman Platinum is always a fun set to open, especially if you like prospects and rookies. This Bowman has a different look to it, and personally I like it. The inserts are sharp in this set! Rookie Revelations is one of the nicer insert sets of the year so far.


* Different card design than other sets (may be a con for some collectors)

* Top Rookies - Ohtani, Albies, Mejia, Flaherty, Verdugo, Robles, Hoskins, and Rosario

* Top Prospects - Acuna, Guerrero, Eloy Jimenez, McKay, and Torres

* Nice Inserts: Prismatic Prodigies, Rookie Revelations, and Platinum Presence

* 2 Autos Promised per box

* Lots of colored and numbered parallels

* Variations are Super Short Prints and are tough to get (hold value) - VARIATION GUIDE HAS BEEN UPDATED

* All teams are represented well


* Only available at Wal-Mart - Prices can be inflated (I got ours for retail cost)

* High gloss card with black background on base - easy for smudging/scratching (you will notice dust in the pictures)

* Variations are Super Short Prints and are tough to get

Aside from the one 2017 Bowman Platinum break where we did not get our promised autos (Topps rectified), BP is usually a fun break and doesn't disappoint. That was the case again here. The cards are fun to open, we pulled a lot of the key rookies and some inserts. 3 of our 4 autos were numbered and made some of the breakers really happy. Check out some of the highlights from our first Bowman Platinum break!

Our Best Card

Bubba Thompson Prismatic Prodigies Auto /50

Our Other Autos

Quentin Holmes Auto Blue Parallel /150

MJ Melendez Auto Blue Parallel /250

Other Auto was base auto Matt Festa

Rookie Highlights

I'll say again, these Rookie Revelations are amazing. Glad I finally pulled an Ohtani base! Sharp Verdugo gold parallel /25

More Highlights

Green Parallel Carlos Correa /99

Brendan Rodgers Purple Parallel Prismatic Prodigies /250



Bowman Platinum is always fun! Inserts, parallels, and prospects. Easy stuff to get excited about. Obviously not all of the prospects are going to be studs, but it's great to find the ones people are hyped about.

Thanks to everyone that joined the break! Hope everyone enjoyed it. We will be breaking two more of these tonight and I have two more boxes that I will plan to break in a week or two. There is also going to be more Inception and more Topps Finest to break.

Thanks for reading! - Aaron B

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